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VSQC believes that learning and development is the backbone for every organisation's growth. In addition, the learning content and the delivery should be relevant, fluid and effective. Bearing these objectives in mind, we have launched 'SeekhLeH'. VSQC constantly develops, delivers and upgrades various modules that help in schools and institutes.We will also be happy to customize the application as per your need.
SeekhLeH is a revolutionary Learning Hub with advanced features like LMS (Learning Management System) which includes Live Classes with automatic attendance calculation, Recorded Videos; Academics Management (Classwork Notes/Reference Material and Homework Assignments/Worksheets), Stream with various options including General Updates, Class Announcements, School Announcements, Activities, Notices, etc.; Student-Teacher communication, discussion; online evaluation, surveys (Quizzes and Polls), Fee Collection, Enrollment Management, School Store, and many more! Know more.
Enrollment feature will be added soon